Nicole Rose Fashions


Quotes Nicole Rose Fashions is one of Rochester's most gifted Fashion Designers in my opinion! I enjoy NRF's out the box designing abilities and am always interested in what she designs simply because you wont see it any where else. I appreciate how she is able to take an ordinary piece of fabric and turn it into a show stopping creation! I can admit there were a few designs I would have never thought to try on myself but with a little encouragement and boost from Nicole Rose herself...I found myself trying something new and LOVING IT!!! What I also love about Nicole Rose the Designer is that she makes you feel comfortable and if you don't like anything she has, she says bring me your idea and I will make it! LOL how amazing it that :) I am also Looking forward to the June 23rd Fashion show that will be held at the Auditorium Center presenting another line of her creations! Quotes
Eveliz Pagan
Nicole Rose Fashions!

Quotes As long as I've Known Nicole Rose Fashions, Ive been a happy patron, Nicole have been sewing for me for over 5years, Al l of my Custom Tailored Suits always come out just the way I would have it to be. Even my wife evening Gowns , they are always done to perfections. I highly Recommend Nicole Rose Fashions, she's the best Seamstress I know in Rochester NY . Quotes
Albert Washington